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Every year Grassroots Junior Tennis (GRJT) provides the opportunity for youth of the Coachella Valley to learn the sport of tennis. The Grassroots tennis program differs from “club” tennis coaching where parents pay money to improve their children’s game. Grassroots focuses on learning the sport and having lots of fun. GRJT youth learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and social skills in a relaxed and happy environment. The goal is not to create “winners” but to give each child a chance to be one.

As tennis players, we know tennis gives us a great physical workout. When learned correctly, the strategies and mental aspect extend well beyond the activity and enrich many other parts of our lives.

Grassroots Junior Tennis is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit instructional program designed specifically for children in the Coachella Valley – who may not otherwise be exposed to tennis – so they too can learn to appreciate and participate in our fine sport.

Many deserving children would not be able to participate in this program without the help of donations.  As a caring individual contributor, you can give the wonderful gift of tennis to a child in need by becoming a sponsor.

Because the schools can’t
The Coachella Valley public school systems are suffering from a lack of funding and have had to cut back on physical education and after school programs. To help fill that void, Grassroots Junior Tennis is working with the majority of Coachella Valley school districts to provide a meaningful recreational outlet for any child who wishes to participate.

This is an important service to our community. GRJT gives kids a place to go, a place to hone physical skills, a place to improve social skills and an opportunity to learn a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.


  • Founded in 2004 by Executive Director and Head Coach, Kay Butler 

  • Approved in 2004 as an after-school program by Palm Springs and Desert Sands Unified School Districts

  • Partnered with Coachella Valley Recreation and Park District in 2006 to offer the tennis program to all kids in the Coachella Valley Unified School Districts

  • 2012 Ruth Hardy Park approved as home-base for the program 


Tennis classes are held from September - May and are available to young adults and children regardless of financial status.
GRJT provides racquets and balls at no cost to participants. GRJT works with the local communities to find cost effective and high quality facilities for all its classes. Each child’s experience is about learning the game of tennis and having fun in the process. To date, over 700 children have participated in the program


GRJT is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization and relies on sponsorships and donations to provide professional instruction to all interested Coachella Valley youth, particularly low income, Title 1 students.

JACK PUGH GIFT FUND  - $15,000.00 DONATION 5/2016

Origin of Jack Pugh Gift Fund

Jack Pugh was born and raised in Los Angeles California. His mother was a professional tennis player in his early childhood, which promoted a shared interest in the sport. Jack played throughout his life of 93 years, at times with the likes of Charlton Heston, President Ford and other notable figures during his many years in the luxury hospitality industry. He retired at 75, when he moved about LA, Orange, and Riverside Counties, at one time landing in La Quinta. He loved the desert and the sport of tennis. As Jack enjoyed his last years, he avidly followed the sport and insisted on watching tournaments being broadcast worldwide.

While Jack had no children of his own, his last wishes make it clear his desire to help young people. Given his love of tennis and his desire to gift the youth of Southern California, Grassroots Junior Tennis seems the perfect organization to benefit from Jack’s generosity. He would be most proud of Kay Butler and all who support her efforts in bringing the sport of tennis to the youth of Coachella Valley.

.YES, I want to Help Maintain and Grow the Grassroots Junior Tennis Program.   Organizations formed at the grassroots level are the most successful mechanisms for building programs to serve people in any community. Grassroots Junior Tennis is an outstanding example of how a local effort to teach kids tennis benefits families in the Coachella Valley.

Support Grassroots Junior Tennis
Federal Tax ID. 42-1674300

Since there is no school or other public funding available to support the Grassroots tennis program, all financial support must come from participants and our generous donors.

We need your help to sustain and grow this important program.


 You specify an amount:

Thank you!

Kay Butler
Founder and Executive Director,
Grassroots Junior Tennis, Inc

Download a sponsor packet to print and submit by mail.

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